About Us...

Who we are:  Rock N Knobs is a small family owned and operated business which began in the Mountains of Montana (Montana Sticks & Stones) and became Rock N Knobs when we returned to beautiful Arizona!  We have been in business almost 20 years and can happily report that we have many happy satisfied customers from places ranging from Canada to Australia!

Why choose our knobs?  We began this business in 2000 and have worked hard each and every year to make sure we produce a product that will last for decades of normal wear and tear. 

How we make our knobs:  Our stones come from all over the world though when they get to our buyer they are not yet beautiful.   Each stone is made into smaller pieces which are then tumble polished continuously for over 30 days. 

When we get the stones we go through each order and look for the right size, shape and color for cabinet knobs and pulls. That is when the real work begins. After selecting the stones for each order we use a wet use diamond bore drill bit to drill a hole into each stone.  After drilling the stone is cleaned and heat dried.  When dried we fit the shaft of the mount for each individual stone and then using a specific epoxy we insert the shaft of the mount into the stone.  Using our selected, and long searched for epoxy product, we can produce a knob/pull that will last decades!  In almost 20 years of making these knobs we have NEVER had a knob fail or come apart!  We are very proud of our manufacturing process and each step is quality checked to make sure your knobs are as solid and beautiful as can be.